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About Us:

Kure was born in 2011 as a small juice cart on a sunny street corner in Portland, Oregon. Making healthful and delicious food was our mission then, and continues to be now as we open new stores in new neighborhoods. Today, we operate six shops here in Portland, and have learned so much on the road here, the most important of which being how functional foods can transform our lives. Food shouldn’t just look pretty and taste good. It needs to serve a purpose, or it’s simply vanity. While delicious and pretty things are wonderful, we wanted to take things one step further when we began developing the Kure Bar in 2013. 

One of Kure’s Founders, Nate Higgins, was obsessed with the idea of finding the ‘perfect’ portable food item. Something that was low in sugar, wouldn’t melt (like most of our cafe’s menu), and that packed the balanced nutritional punch needed to sustain a long day’s activities. The Kure Bar was born, but only after dozens of iterations had come and gone over the better part of a year. The final recipe was vetted on a week long backpacking trip through Central Oregon’s Cascades. The test, nothing but Kure Bars were to be consumed over the course of a six day trek (and water too, obviously). The result, success! Forty-three miles of trail later, Nate arrived back at the car and raced into town to begin working on a way to get Kure Bars into your hands. 

Kure Bars have been available exclusively in our cafes since 2014, so we are elated to finally have the ability to make and ship them to you anywhere in the country. Whether you are hitting the trail or hitting the books before a big exam, your mind and body need functional and balanced fuel to get the job done, which is why the Kure Bar is the only bar you need! We hope you love it as much as we do.